Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Great Carl Sagan

I have been reading Carl Sagan for months, and I have watched his famous show "Cosmos" all 13 episodes. His way of talking about science is like magical. He really was one of the most succesful scientists in XX. century. His belief to the humanity, his support for the real way of science and his sceptical stance is what the Earth needs most today, and will be tomorrow. I hope there will be more Carl Sagan's in the future...

I'd like to share some of the links about Carl Sagan:

Celebrating Carl Sagan Blog (The best background song ever)
A facebook fan page
Wikipedia Entry for Carl Sagan


Project Euler

I wanted to talk some about project euler in this post. /*by the way that's my first post ever in a blog*/ Thanks to my physics assistants in collage, I found about this nice site. It is great to practise any programming language with problems in the site. Many of them are fairly easy but there are really good ones also. I am a starter for programming so it is a great place for me.

Try it yourself. URL is:

~~gl and bye